The Chit Chat with Rebecca Udall

Here at R and J with December and the holiday season fast approaching we're full steam ahead on Christmassy projects.

And, as big fans of a festive soiree (or two) our thoughts inevitably turn to decking the halls and dressing our tables for stylish entertaining. Enter Rebecca Udall, whose eponymous brand will be no secret to anyone as fond as we are of a tablescape. We caught up with her ahead of a busy month to chat tables, classic colours and Christmas gifting.

What are you known for?

Elegant, contemporary linens – bed, bath and table, and complimentary considered homeware. I am really passionate about investing well, once, for your home. It’s all about elevating your everyday moments at home.

Digital diary or paper diary?

I completely understand the arguments for a digital diary but it’s just not for me. I dislike notifications and then ultimately miss things in a digital diary. Writing things down helps me to remember and I like to keep my diary open – all ideas, large tasks to focus on for the week etc go here. I invested in a Smythson for the first time in 2021 and I adore it. I’m a sucker for beautiful stationery – the paper and design.

Describe the colour yellow to someone who has no concept of this shade.

Energetic, joyful and prosperous. I can’t think of anything negative that’s yellow besides a yellow card, but I am not of a football fan!

Cream and green christmas table set up for a party

What is your spirit animal?

My dog Rafe who is up-beat, humorous and quite stubborn.

If you could write a letter and receive a reply from anyone (dead or alive) who would you write to and why?

My dad – he passed away when I was seven, so there would be a lot to catch up on. We were very similar in personality.

What was the last gift you gave someone?

A box of our candles. To my neighbour at a fair – she helped me greatly, and I knew that she is a big fan of our candles.

Christmas dining table with candles and greenery

Dress up or dress down?

Dress up 100%. I am a firm believer that dressing well impacts your mindset – I like feeling smart.

What are the top three things on your Christmas wishlist?

A Sophie Bille Brahe velvet travel jewellery box, art by Fleur Park or Zosia Olenska and a Robert Kime papyrus lampshade.

If you had to be represented by one item in your home, which item would you choose?

It has to be a tablecloth doesn’t it?! Food and friends centric.

If you could only wear one colour (apart from black and white) for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Blue. Not the most exciting but it’s timeless with so many different shades and works all year: a classic striped shirt, blue jeans, a navy blazer and a blue summer dress – all winners.

Romeo and Jules wrapping paper styled by Rebecca Udall