The Chit Chat with Georgia Macmillan

Introducing Georgia Macmillan, our favourite Australian export and fast friend when we landed in Dubai. Equal parts scallop lover and textile genius, we caught up with her to ask a few burning questions. Grab a cuppa (or a margarita!) and dive in. 

What are you known for? (both professionally and personally)
Former news broadcast journalist turned textiles designer, colour lover, sunshine/beach lover, entertainer
Last person you sent a card to and why? 
Thanking my dear friend Elizabeth for her hospitality over Christmas
Go-to karaoke song?
The Piano Man
Weapon of choice - fountain pen/sharpie/pencil/biro? 
Pilot Fineliner or Artliner
Digital diary or paper diary?
Digital diary
Name a colour that you couldn't live without.
What was the last gift you gave someone? A dinosaur puzzle for a 6 year old’s birthday, and fresh eggs from our garden dwelling hens.
Desert Island meal?
My Mum’s spanner crab spaghettini, Mooloolaba prawn and Bowen mango salad + an ample supply of extra chilled champagne. Heaven.
What is your star sign? 
Cancer - which is very me.
Tips on… growing older
I am much more relaxed about being me. I met Jenn a year ago and she introduced me to the the notion ‘you do you’. I love this. Don’t try to be someone else, just be you, and let other people ‘do themselves'. A mystery why it has taken 40 years to work this out. Wise Jenn also starts the day analysing her calendar and asking, ‘how can I make this day easier for myself?’. Sage advice. So simple, yet it has had a profound affect on my every-day. These little moments of wisdom came at a time when I was very stressed with work and life. So I have slowed down, I choose work projects that make me happy, swim more, try not to rush as much. So far so good….
On your wishlist?
Big wish - to own a very old stone cottage on Hydra or in Puglia
Travel wish - to explore the mountains of Andalucia on horseback with George Scott Rides
Achievable wish - new kitchen tongs
If you had to be represented by one item in your home, which item would you choose?
Nespresso machine
Favourite memory of a 'set' table as a child and what did it include? (napkins/flowers/candles/placecards etc)

My parents were and are great entertainers. I grew up on a sheep and cattle property on the Darling Downs in QLD where entertaining was a big deal. My parents' friends would travel hours to attend their lunches. While they hosted many parties long before I was born, I thought the 80s lunches SO glamorous. They did everything themselves - bar staff and caterers weren’t available in the bush. They would host 20 to 150 guests seated at one long table down the verandah overlooking the garden and river. Dad ensured sheep were grazing in the front paddock to add atmosphere! The table would be set with weighty white antique tablecloths and matching napkins, all the silver and Waterford glassware. My mother wrote guests’ names in black pen and ink on white folded place-cards. What I loved most were the enormous flower arrangements. My mother picked flowers and foliage from our garden and filled every vessel. There were arrangements everywhere. When daytime parties merged into night, silver candelabras were placed down the table. It looked like a fairytale.