Feeling Social, December 2021

What are you known for professionally and personally?
I own a catering company called Social Pantry and love to throw fabulous dinner parties too, so there is definitely overlap between what I’m known for professionally and personally! I have done lots of work with ex-offenders which requires me to be open minded, encouraging, think creatively about how to motivate people, and strike the balance between being firm and rewarding - I like to think this is how I parent too!
Last person you sent a card to and why?
I sent my godmother a card and a bar of chocolate to wish her ‘get well soon’ after an eye operation!
Go-to karaoke song?
Madonna, like a virgin… Bridget Jones style!
Digital diary or paper diary?
Paper! Always paper! I am very old school when it comes to invitations, thank you cards and notes, and it’s actually something we have a lot of demand for in events! I think people really appreciate the personal touch something hand written.
Have you ever sent a love letter?
Not that I can ever remember! They say food is a love language so I guess I say it with food!
What is your spirit animal?
When I asked the team they said a Hammerhead shark.
If you could write a letter and receive a reply from one person, dead or alive, where would it be and why?
I have huge respect for cook and restauranteur Thomason’s Miers who founded Wahaca. I love the way she cooks and thinks about food, and the way her mind works when it comes to running restaurants so it would be great to have an in depth letter exchange with her! I imagine we are both so used to thinking and working at such a fast pace in our industry that it would be so interesting to see what would be revealed if we slowed down to pen out all our thoughts and reflections as women in this industry!
What was the last gift you gave someone?
Without wanting to be too cringe, can I say a second chance?! it’s what drives me to keep working with ex-offenders within Social Pantry.
Desert island meal, starter, main and pudding?
Definitely kick things off with bread and butter! We helped start a bakery within Brixton prison called Bad Boys Bakery and the guys there make incredible bread. Fresh out the oven with a thick layer of Ampersand Dairy cultured butter - the kind that leaves teeth marks! And for a starter, an amazing seasonal salad with lots of texture and contrast! This time of year, maybe something like shaved celeriac with apple and roast hazelnuts, a super buttery French cheese and black truffle!  I am a huge cheese lover so my main would have to be big on cheese. Maybe an incredible Goat’s Cheese Tart Tatin, all golden and bubbly! That would probably keep me going on the dessert island! And for dessert, something really classic like a perfectly executed lemon tart like the one they do at River Cafe!
Which one dish summarises your personality best?
I am a massive feeder, and I think of myself as inclusive, welcoming and generous, so something served family style like a fabulous deep dish lasagne! I also think a dish like that doesn’t strive too hard to impress or be perfect, but there is actually a lot of thought and effort behind it and the hard work pays off. That pretty much sums up how I approach my work too!
If tot could only wear one colour for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pink! And I’d make it something fun and fabulous! 
Dress up or dress down?
Dress down! And without a waistband - which is essential when you love to feast!
Do you have any tips on how to include various styles when setting a table?
Having a theme and general sense of style is important and makes a table look thoughtfully arranged and cohesive, but don’t be afraid to mix and match! Beautiful, unique, mis matching plates always catch people’s attention, and keep the eye moving along the table! Flowers are always popular, and you can keep it really elegant and subtle with soft neutrals, or go for something more playful that adds a pop of colour! Hand picked arrangements add a personal touch - you don’t have to go fancy in order to make things look beautiful!