The Chit Chat with Lisa Mehydene

Self-confessed interiors junkie and rug addict Lisa Mehydene is one of those talented friends who is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. Her well known brand, edit 58, was an obsession of ours before R+J was officially in business. Her talent lies in curating and creating pieces for the home which time after time become a 'must-have'. Here, we chat with her and get a sneak peek into her newly launched trays.
What are you known for?
In Business? Selling rugs and baskets…..
Last person you sent a card to and why? 
My Goddaughter, Ezzie, as she was starting a new school and we wanted to wish her well.
Weapon of choice - fountain pen/sharpie/pencil/biro? 
Just a good ol’ gel ink ballpoint pen for me. I also love ‘borrowing’ from my daughters extensive glitter pen selection.
Digital diary or paper diary?
Digital! As my phone is always with me, I find it easiest to diarise meetings/appointments etc straight into my online calendar. Definitely not as chic as a traditional paper diary (hello, Smythson), but a sign of the times.
Have you ever sent a love letter? 
Yes! I think my last one was to Jordan from New Kids on The Block circa 1989?
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?
A Redwood. As the world’s tallest trees, I feel an affinity to them. Plus, I’d quite like to tower over California.
Describe the colour yellow to someone who has no concept of this shade. 
The warm sun on your skin
What is your spirit animal?
The Giraffe. Again, tall and also constantly grazing.
If you could write a letter and receive a reply from anyone (dead or alive) who would you write to and why?
I think I’d write to my darling Nan. I miss her very much and would give anything to receive another letter in her signature scrawly handwriting. I still have some from her and I treasure them.
What was the last gift you gave someone?
Some flowers to a friend for her kindness and help
Are you a keepsake-er or a recycler?
A bit of both. I’m not sentimental about much, but there are things I refuse to get rid of. The rest goes into the recycling or to the charity shop.
What superpower would you have and why? 
Miracle worker. I’d cure people’s illnesses, end wars, put an end to poverty and hunger and get my children to tidy their rooms.
Desert Island meal?
I think about this a lot. And thus it changes regularly. For now it is;
Starter: The River Café’s Chargrilled Squid with fresh red chilli
Main: Lobster Roll with skinny fries and a side of Truffle mac and cheese (I like to go light on my carbs)
Dessert: My Mums strawberry & grape Pavlova
If you could only wear one colour (apart from black and white) for the rest of your life, which would it be?
Navy, I just think it’s the chicest shade.
Dress up or dress down? 
Totally depends on my mood. Love being dressed down and comfortable. But equally love throwing a dress on when I’ve somewhere fun to go. In these post Covid times, let’s say Dress up.
If you had to be represented by one item in your home, which item would you choose?
Oooh this is tough. I suppose my kitchen tap sums me up. It’s unlaquered brass so shows signs of wear but gets better with age. (Plus the dirty dishes wouldn’t get done without it.)
Favourite memory of a 'set' table as a child and what did it include? (napkins/flowers/candles/placecards etc)
I always LOVED the children’s table that my mum would have us help set when my parents were having a dinner party with friends, and those friends were bringing their children. It meant we would get to have fizzy ‘pop’, a 3 course meal (fancy!) and be in a separate room to the grown-ups. I loved setting the table even then, with napkins folded into bunny ears, wine glasses for our fizzy drinks and no doubt a party popper and name card at each place setting too. Fun times!
Most precious single item in your home to you and why?
Aside from the people that make my house a home I would say the Japanese block print my husband gave to me on our wedding day morning (via my bridesmaid!). I was so touched by his thoughtfulness and it brings back amazing memories every time I pass it.