The Chit Chat with Kate Halfpenny

This month, we're chit-chatting with Kate Halfpenny, a celebrity stylist, fashion designer and founder of British luxury bridalwear brand, Halfpenny London. And similar to one’s personal stationery, Kate believes that each woman is different and their dresses should reflect that as well as their style, individuality and beauty. Following a Halpenny instagram live series last year, we now have the chance to question Kate on some of her faves…
What are you known for?
Making exquisite romantic wedding dresses and bridal separates that are all British made, but worn around the world.
Last person you sent a card to and why?
My sister Clare, there’s nothing nicer than receiving a handwritten note!
Go-to karaoke song?
Jolene - Dolly Parton
Weapon of choice - fountain pen/sharpie/pencil/biro?
Oh, I love a fine nibbed pen but am partial to a clutch pencil too!
Digital diary or paper diary?
It’s definitely a bit of both. I have a wall planner that’s folded into each quarter of the year, so at a glance my husband and I can see where we both are so we can juggle the child care and our London stays. We now live in the beautiful Kent town of Faversham so sometimes have an overnight in London if working late or catching up with friends. I couldn’t live without the digital diary for work, it’s definitely something the team and I live by as my diary is so hectic when I’m in the studio or boutique as that’s only 2 days a week.
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be and why?
I would most definitely be a tulip tree. We have one in our front garden that was planted by a Huguenot vicar in the 17th century. It’s so magnificent. People often ask if they can come and hug it. It takes 5 people holding hands to hug the trunk. It’s so magical. Sylvester - my 6 year old - has an old wooden swing that hangs from one of the big branches that we hung there the summer we moved in.
Describe the colour yellow to someone who has no concept of this shade.
It’s sunshine and the centre of a Californian poppy. It’s sand in the desert and the colour of lemons. It’s one of my favourites!
What is your spirit animal?
I think it would have to be a cat. I love to snuggle up and get cosy. I love lying in the sunshine streaming through a window (not that I get much opportunity to do that at the moment!) and we have 2 kitties that bring so much joy. They know when you need some of their magic energy.
Are you a keepsake-er or a recycler?
I’m certainly a bit of both, when it comes to my son’s letters and pictures we’ve kept so many. They adorn the walls, fill the draws and make me so happy to re-read. I’ve also got special cards and notes people have written me over the years. I’m quite sentimental. Recycling is so important too though for everything else!
Desert Island meal?
It would have to be a tapas style feast of all of my favourite foods as I couldn’t possibly narrow it down to one. James and I are such foodies. Weekends for us are all about entertaining and sitting round the table with friends and a feast. James often cooks in our outside oven, everything tastes so delicious cooked in that!
What is your star sign?
Can you give us a sneak peek of an upcoming collection?
Haha, No. it’s top secret. But here are some pictures of the wonderful “3” collection that we launched late last year.